Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life in Utah

It's been a while since I've posted anything. But I will say my life has been anything but boring in the last few months.
Finally returned back to full time work after being off for 3 months then part time for another month. This past Friday actually was my first full pay check since mid September, so that was good.
Work lately is horrible, new federal regulations set for the (Federal Real ID Act) is slowing down our work and making the general public even worse to deal with then normal. I'm hoping to start looking for another job that at least pays more. Crossing my fingers on this one.
I have had to ponder many things over the last few months. Especially last week when the docs gave me another scare of the cancer, Luckily another false alarm. But, I have decided to not let the doctors get to me anymore. If I really think there is a problem then "I" will address it and not them get me all crazy about it. I have a wonderful life, with the most awesome husband who cares for me and loves me and takes care of me. I have children, even though most are quite far away, always check in on me and help me get through the times when I need that little boost of "we're here for you" or "I was thinking of you and thought I would call". Those are the things that in the dark of things helps me come out and smile again.
I'm also grateful for my close friends, once again out of state, who also check in on me and I on them. We keep each other going when all else is looking down we still have each other.
I truly have been blessed in my life with experiences and many friends and people I have met that have influenced my life in many good ways.
May the winter still shine on you wherever you are and that the snowflakes fall on you and make you smile. HAPPY WINTER!!!!


Susan said...

Good to see a post! Glad things are going well for you. BTW, you might want to change our blog URL to I noticed the "s" at the end of "susan" was missing on your blogs list. Hope that make sense.

Sweating in the endless heat said...

Mags just said...Gamma Shreeve, I LOVE my Gamma Shreeve:-) So happy to see you are blogging...keep it up:-))))