Thursday, July 9, 2009

News Update

The Palmer Family picture the day of Eliza's blessing. Little Lucy's personality sure comes through on this photo. But , that's probably Gramma's fault because, Lucy, Kady and Gramma were playing, "Beep noses" all week long. I guess Lucy wanted to see if Eliza's nose would beep like gramma's did.

This is our newest little joy. Eliza Rose Palmer, she is a very snugly baby, to bad her eyes aren't open, because she has the biggest dark eyes, just like her big sisters.

This was the little miss funny as I am, at Dr Samuelson's office today. I got a hold of an artificial leg and told him that this is still an option to amputate and that I already found a replacement. As you see I got a great reaction from him. The girls in the office thought that was one of the funniest things they ever saw. I have to find humor in this stuff because that's the only way I can get through some days.

Let me catch you up on the doc side of stuff. June MRI and EEG, everything came back good, Dr. Cook still worried something is still wrong. So, I do a 24 hour heart monitor, only to find out I have SVT (supra ventricular tachycardia). Long story short is my right upper chamber of my heart is not working right. I actually had a small 3 to 5 second heart attack, with 52 times where my heart raced. So now I get to see a cardio doc. Yipppeee!!!!

As far as the knee doc goes. I had to have several series of x-rays done on the 7th. He wanted to get a better look at the joint so he sent me to go get a bone scan, so off to that later in the day. Go back on the 9th to get results. It appears that the new knee component is loose. Next plan is to cast me on July 30th leave that on, until just before the surgery on September 2nd. This will tell us if there is any chance at all that the knee could heal on it's own. If it works, then I won't need to have the surgery. He didn't think it's going to work, but I'm willing to go one more conservative option before I go for the knife again.

Oh, the same day that I get the cast on I see the cardiologist. Before you know it I will have another cancer check. Oh, by the way that went well. The spot on the lung hasn't changed at all, but Dr. Gouw won't let me go on the 6 month program yet for at least another year. They think that this will more than likely grow into the cancer, but since mine is a low grade,(or slow growing) they want to stay close to it so if it does change they will get it fast.