Friday, May 8, 2009

Readers Digest version of life on the Ranch

Knee was doing well for a week after injections. Had a little incident with the bathroom and now I'm in an imobilizer for one month. UGH
Elizabeth (Biff to family) graduated from nursing school at the University of Utah today, we are so proud of her. She did so awesome. Way to go girl.
Chad and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary a couple of weeks ago. We are still loving every minute we can with each other. I can't believe how fast time is flying.
Our progress on the bathroom remodel is going slowly but we are to the point of painting. Next will be the tile and counter, we just need some extra time. Kait can't wait either so she can have her own bathroom again.
Kait bought her first car. Franklin the Ford Focus. She loves it, it starts, all the windows work, CD player, AC and heat. What more could a girl want.
Trip to the insta care unit this past Monday only to find out that I have another fun issue called benign vertigo. Trying to walk and not get dizzy and keep my BP down has been challenging (160/110) just a little high. Dr told Chad that the meds that I'm on aren't the issue, and this is more serious than he thought. I just want to stop ending up in the bathtub at 3am when all I wanted to do was flush the dang toilet, but that's a whole nother story. It is quite funny though.
We have been enjoying the most beautiful weather ever. I love when it's 75ish here in the valley and we still have snow on the mountains, there is something so amazing about that to me.