Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In the life of me

It's been a little while since I've updated my blog, so I figured I might as well do this before the Holiday's really begin.
So, "Graceful" herself, (me) kind of rehurt the lovely knee that I just got fixed.
The day before Halloween Kait and I were cleaning and low and behold I have Chad's slippers on because I was going in and out of the house to put garbage in the trash can. Well, my foot stays put on my step and my body goes forward. I didn't think much right at the begining, but as the weekend goes on so does the pain. I end up borrowing a knee brace from my Bishops wife and after 5 days of wearing that, I still am a basket case with the pain. Now, I have a lot and I mean a lot of knee problems in my little ol life, but I have never experienced pain in the knee like this type. I call my docs office and get an appointment the following week.
I see doc Rob PA on Nov 12th only to find out that I have a severely sprained ACL, not on just one side but on both sides of the knee. He tells me that if I'm not doing better by my post-op (Dec 18th) they will probably need to do more surgery to see if something else is wrong. I just about lost it right there. I am so done with surgeries this year you don't even know.
So, elsewhere in my life my step daughter Amy is getting married in March and we are so excited to have Chuck a part of our lives and it looks like they will be moving to Utah, yeah.
Next thing is I'm the new ward activities chairperson, yeah me. I have the Christmas party December 5th with the usual 250 in attendance. Everything is falling into place, considering I only have 1 actual commitee member who shows up for the meetings. Lori is awesome though.
The Grandma mobile is expanding again with Pam and Wendy due in May and June respectively. I warned Chad when we got married that I don't have kids that have babies by themselves and once again my children proved it. We are so excited for both of them. But, we sure miss having them around. Someday they will be closer and we can use the little play area down in our family room more frequently.
My birthday is tomorrow and I'm always exited about them. I always like the cake stuff. But, this year once again I am grateful for being alive and as well as I can. It sure beats the alternative of not having another birthday.
Since the next couple of weeks is going to be crazy I might not be updating for a little while. Everyone have a great and Happy Thanksgiving. Love you all

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Love Halloween

First of all we had Kensie, Elizabeth and Brett over early October and all
Kensie wanted to do was run, run, run. She's been walking since the end of July. She didn't turn 1 until October 30th. She's just smart. That's how all
of our grand kids are.

Kait and me got way into decorating our
pumpkins one night. It took Chad a few more days to finish his. We sure had fun

On Halloween we had a fun neighborhood party. No kids just some neighbors and friends. The ages spanned from 11 to 87. We did a calm version of "Fear Factor" and we were surprised that everyone participated. We gave them "vampires blood" to drink, mummies to build , bags of unknown food to eat and then skits to put on for the whole group. Lots of great food and friendships deepened as we got to know some of our neighbors and friends better. We already have plans for next year. Bring it on.

The party goers.
As you can see we had those in costumes
and those who came in street clothes
Either way we had a great time.