Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If luck would have "IT"

Last Monday started with a visit with my MD (general doc), who has been concerned enough about some other problems I've had for the last 2 1/2 months. He ordered an MRI of the head, and told me to have the gals out at the front desk to set up a visit with a neurologist, (Dr Fleischer), he said it would take a couple of months to get in to him so if the MRI comes back clean I could cancel that appointment. Got to the front desk they call DR F's office and they just had a cancellation could I make it for Tuesday at 12:30. Of course I could.
I then went down to the radiology office downstairs from that docs office and set up the MRI. Yes, Wednesday in the AM for that.
Tuesday my orthopedic first thing in the AM, have to wear the immobilizer until July 7th when I get assessed again. Yippee, it will put me over 11 months with the knee crud. From there I went back to work and then during my lunch I drove to Ogden to see the neurologist. They did some blood work and then had enough reason to schedule a EEG test, so that is this Friday. The fun with this test is that I have to stay awake for at least 24 hours. So I get up at 5:15am on Thursday and stay up until at least 10am Friday for the test. Poor Chad has to put up with me all night long. I'll let him sleep though, I'm not that mean to keep him up as well.
On the bright side of things, we got the reimbursement check from the flood, so Kait's room will have new carpet and the family room. I can't tell you how great this company has been through the whole process. We are also looking forward to seeing Pam's new baby, and the other 4 grandkids in just about 2 weeks. FUN FUN FUN!!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Will the grandkids keep coming?" stay tuned for more

I don't have postings of Pam's new baby yet, but little Eliza Rose was born June 2nd weighing in at 8lbs 10 oz, which is just shy of being smaller than Wendy's addition Addison Elizabeth who came in at a whooping 8lbs 14oz. Both are amazing mothers. Congrats to both.
This makes number 19 for Chad and I, we're in waiting mode to see who will make it an even 20. Will it be Amy, Biff, Steph or soon to be Andrew's wife Amber? We'll keep you posted.
We had so much fun with the kids, and Wendy always amazes me. She made the most delicious homemade bread ever. We just had a great time. The kids were great. Little Maggie watched me every morning get ready for the day, so of course I had to get the photo of her admiring herself in the mirror.

This was the main reason for going to Arizona. Addison is one of the sweetest babies ever.