Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life is Great

Life a funny way of turning a situation of bad luck to something fabulous.

I was supposed to fly to South Carolina to see Andrew graduate from Marine boot camp and finally meet his girlfriend Amber. But weather played my trip a different hand. I ended up in St Louis with no way to get to S Carolina. Bonus was I called my brother Dave, how lives in Illinois, and he came and picked me up from the airport. I stayed with him and my sister in law Linda.

I got the airline to fly me out the next day to Detroit, since I was supposed to fly out of Detroit on Sunday the 5th anyway from a lay over.

As you see I was able to visit a lot in the very short time that I was there.

I do miss all of the fresh water, especially Lake Huron, and all of the trees. But you can't beat the mountains in Utah.

Update on my knee. I was referred to Dr Samuelson in SLC. He started cortisone injections on March 31st and did the last series on April 9th. With a total of 10. April 7th was the first time in years that I was totally pain free in that knee. This week was the first time since the 7th that the pain has returned. What a miracle he has been. He is so personable and caring. I feel very lucky to have him as a doctor. I won't see him until the 28th of the month.