Saturday, February 21, 2009

Life on the Ranch

The great hotel.
Cheese Factory and the view.

It has been way to long since I have updated my blog. I thought I was keeping up on it better, but oh well don't dwell, ei Kaitlyn's quote.
So. as time ticks on so do the 4 bedroom walls that I have gotten way to familar with over the last 13 months of my life. To my great surprize last weekend Chad has literally treated me like a queen, not that he usually doesn't, but he did exceptionally well last weekend.
First I was in charge of the set up for our Stake family activity on Friday (13th), Chad and some of the Bishopric members helped with that. I sat on the sidelines on a chair watching. That's a whole nother story. Then I get my hair cut, which needed bad. Took a nap, yeah. Back later to the dance at the stake center. Then to the movies, we saw "Yes Man" it was ok. Home. Saturday, slept in. He really surprized me and gave me a huge box of good chocolates and a gift card for a 1 hour massage. He's so sweet. Then Chad took me to or usual Valentines dinner spot, Timbermine, LOOOVE their prime rib, went over to his dad'd and shoveled snow, not me but Chad. Then back to the movies again, I finally saw "Twilight", I'm reading the series, in book 4 right now. Loved the movie. Home again snowing more. Church on Sunday then later that night Chad took me to Logan for an overnight. The hotel room was great. It had double sinks, a living area, nice king size bed, fridge, microwave. Can I say it just was awesome. We spent Monday just bumming around Logan. We even made it to Gossner's cheese factory and got some squeaky cheese. Love that stuff. We left Logan aroun 3ish and headed back home. And you never can pass up Smith and Edwards if you have time. So we trapest around that place for about an hour. We arrived home at 5pm. 24 hours after we left.
This little get away really helped me get my head out of my deep depression that I have been stuck in for the last couple of weeks. Which brings me to all my down days the last few weeks.
Quick run down. Can I say PAIN. I made my doctor listen to me and he finally ordered a bone scan back on 1/30. And lo and behold I have a stress fracture of the femur and a loose (new) knee replacement. I will be on non weight bear status until around mid March. So life in the pain catagory is limiting me once again. I just want it to get better.