Sunday, January 8, 2012

January updates

1. Yes I still love winter and we received some beautiful white stuff yesterday and it looks wonderful.
2. I have really missed my father this Christmas I would find myself just thinking of him and how much he impacted my life and who I am.
3. How grateful I am for a wonderful husband who continues to take care of me. Going through 9 surgeries in our short 6 year marriage and he is always there for me..
4. I love my craft room. And now I'm connected to the outside world in there, I have a tv that has dish net..Yeah!
5. I'm grateful for all of the talented people that help us get our house looking prettier every year. The front room looks awesome...
6. I am so blessed to have wonderful children who have enriched my life and all of the grandchildren I have that remind me of all the fun I used to have with my grandma Gerwin.
7. Chad and I will be celebrating our 7th year knowing each other on the 14th of this month. Time goes by way to fast, but I love my man..
8. I miss not being with the little ones in the nursery at church. They sure are cute little people.
9. Excited to have two new grandsons joining our family this year.. Can't wait to see them. And they will be locals so a double yeah!
10 Christmas songs, especially when they are sung by the granddaughters.